Climate change is real—and we need to collectively act NOW to solve the crisis facing our planet. By critically examining our carbon footprints, we can begin to make and demand changes for a more sustainable planet.

Sustainability for the Outdoor Advocacy Project means two things:

  1. taking the individual actions we can to lessen our impacts on the planet
  2. collectively holding large corporations and global polluters accountable for their impacts, and using our economic power to demand changes

We value progress over perfection, and understand that everyone’s sustainability journey looks different, whether due to access, personal choice, economic status, or cultural practices. What matters is our collective commitment to always taking one more step towards living more sustainably.

The Outdoor Industry Association explains the outdoor space’s responsibility and implications when it comes to sustainability:

“Climate change is having a direct impact on outdoor recreation. The quality of outdoor experiences are suffering as summers grow longer and hotter, winter and snowpack become more unpredictable, river flows are diminished, and devastating natural disasters become more frequent. We build products to enable more people to get outside. It is our duty to make sure that in sourcing, manufacturing and delivering these products, we do everything possible to minimize their impact on the environment.”

Resources to get you started

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Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash

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