What is Recreation Not Red-Tape Act?

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According to the actual bill language, Recreation Not Red-Tape Act (RNR) was designed “to promote innovative approaches to outdoor recreation on Federal land and to increase opportunities for collaboration with non-Federal partners, and for other purposes.” This bill, along with the SOAR Act, seeks to reduce permitting barriers by modernizing and expediting the system, and therefore increase access to public lands and waters.

Who are the sponsors/co-sponsors/who introduced it?:

  • S. 1967: Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR). Check out the 2 cosponsors here 
  • HR 3458: Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT). Check out the 6 cosponsors here

Read the Full Legislative Text here: S. 1967, HR 3458

What does this bill do for the outdoors?

According to this  Outdoor Alliance blog post, “The bill:

  • Supports the creation of state offices of outdoor recreation;
  • Makes federal and state recreation passes more available and facilitates their online sale;
  • Improves access to outdoor recreation programs for service members and veterans;
  • Extends seasonal recreation opportunities where appropriate;
  • Directs management agencies to develop recreation performance metrics for the evaluation of land managers;
  • Adds recreation to the mission of important land management agencies, including the Corps of Engineers, the Bureau of Reclamation, FERC, and the Department of Transportation; and
  • Helps land managers accept volunteers to conduct stewardship activities, and facilitate trail maintenance across agency jurisdictions.
  • Most importantly, the bill will set up a process to help identify and protect important areas for outdoor recreation through a National Recreation Area System.”

What’s happening now:

In the Senate: 

Key takeaway from hearing: There is strong bipartisan support for this bill from Senators.

In the House:

Key takeaway from hearing: There is strong bipartisan support for this bill from both members of Congress and witnesses who testified on behalf of land management agencies. 

How can you take action?

Now that hearings are complete for this bill and there appears to be strong bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate, it is important to keep up momentum by affirming your elected officials that voting “YEA” on RNR is the right thing to do for public lands and the outdoor recreation community. Utilize this easy-to-use l;etter writing tool created by the Outdoor Alliance below to tell your lawmakers that you support the Recreation Not Red-Tape Act. 


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Amelia Howe
Amelia Howe

Amelia Howe is an environmental advocacy and policy professional based in Salt Lake City. She analyzes complex legislation, creating digestible summaries that inspire thoughtful engagement. Coffee and climbing fill her time when she isn’t nerding out over the latest policy news. 

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