Recreate Responsibly: Wildfire Edition

It’s the start of a big weekend for the outdoors. We just read that Zion National Park is expecting more than 85,000 visitors this weekend–whoa. As you settle in for a road trip to your favorite campsite, get educated on your responsibility to prevent wildfires.

The @recreate.responsibly coalition partnered with the National Interagency Fire Center to launch our Wildfire edition of the #RecreateResponsibly guidelines. Read ‘em, learn ‘em, share ‘em, and put these principles to practice outdoors:

🔥 Know Before You Go: Know how to prevent wildfires by properly using outdoor equipment, learning campfire safety, and checking for fire restrictions and closures.

🔥 Practice Physical Distancing: Give people space—it’s critical to not crowd firefighting efforts. Wildfires are no-drone-zones.

🔥 Plan Ahead: Know what fire restrictions are in place at your destination, and check if campfires, barbecues, and flammables are allowed.

🔥 Play it Safe: From fireworks to camp stoves, understand the potentially explosive nature of your toys and tools and that some of these may be restricted in your location.

🔥 Explore Locally: Impacts from wildfire can change your travel plans. Have a back-up plan, like close-to-home gems that you have yet to explore.

🔥 Leave No Trace: Keep your campfire small, ensure that it’s out completely and cold to the touch prior to leaving or going to sleep.

🔥 Build an Inclusive Outdoors: Everyone experiences the outdoors differently, and we can work together to keep our communities safe.

Head to to learn more about how you can #RecreateResponsibly this weekend, all summer, and through every season outdoors.

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