Advocacy Action: Sign the #PublicLandsPledge

On November 4th, public lands advocacy collective Outdoor Alliance launched a campaign called the #PublicLandsPledge. This project is aiming to collect over 10,000 signatures and stories on why public lands are so important. In early 2020, Outdoor Alliance will be delivering these signatures directly to lawmakers in DC and 2020 presidential candidates. We’re sending a message: protecting public lands is a priority, and we will be voting accordingly.

The pledge has over 4,000 signatures so far, spanning across the entire country – showing the nationwide support for public lands. Check out Outdoor Alliance’s map of signatures–it gives us all the best advocacy warm and fuzzies:

How to take action:

Getting involved with the #PublicLandsPledge is easy. Just head here to the Outdoor Alliance official landing page for the pledge, scroll to the bottom, and sign your name. It takes less than 30 seconds! If you really want to maximize your action, leave a story in the comment field sharing why public lands are so important to you. Personalized messages from constituents are the most effective communication to lawmakers.

SHARE THE #PUBLICLANDSPLEDGE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: We encourage you to share your stoke about the Public Lands Pledge in your own words, but here are some examples of sample posts and messaging you can use too:

Note: Use this link when sharing!

  • I stand for public lands and waters. Not only because of the experiences they offer us—but also because they improve our climate, local economies, and quality of life. Join me and sign the @OutdoorAlliance #PublicLandsPledge:

  • We hike, bike, boat, climb, ski, and surf. We don’t witness the great outdoors—we live it. That’s why I signed the #PublicLandsPledge. Will you join me? Make your voice heard via

  • My friends at @OutdoorAlliance are collecting the signatures of 10,000+ individuals, organizations, and brands that care about outdoor recreation. Will you join me and sign the #PublicLandsPledge?

  • @OutdoorAlliance is collecting 10,000+ voices that care about outdoor recreation–and then hand-delivering these comments to decision-makers in Washington D.C. in early 2020. Join me and sign the #PublicLandsPledge:

  • The outdoor community has a powerful voice right now. We passed a huge public lands package back in the spring, and there’s a lot more we can do for our public lands. If you haven’t taken the #PublicLandsPledge yet, what are you waiting for? Join me and @OutdoorAlliance:

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