Community is the foundation of everything we do in the outdoor space. It is through community that we see ourselves represented in the outdoors. It is through community that we learn, grow and explore. Communities connect us–and they have the power to divide us.

Outdoor Advocacy Project believes in compassion, empathy, and collective learning. We believe that we are stronger together. We believe that relationships are key to building any movement. We reject tactics against individuals like shaming and call-out culture. We believe that we can educate and empower each other without belittling or insults. We are a community, and we care for each other – even in challenging moments. We grow together.

The notion of ‘community’ as a focus topic for Outdoor Advocacy Project felt, and still feels, hard to nail down. Our community is built of our colleagues, our familial culture, our shared interests. We’re connected by our ancestors, the natural spaces we love, the organizations we work for.

Community is a complex web, and its place as one of our five main focus areas is a reflection of our prioritization of the honoring and uplifting the people behind the outdoor advocacy movement. We have much to learn from each other.

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