Outdoor Advocacy Climate Action Toolkit 2020

The outdoor community is directly impacted by the climate crisis. We are some of the first to see its effects. Current climate projections indicate that many US ski seasons will be cut in half by 2050, but rising global temperatures are affecting more than just our public lands, air quality, our water and snowpack–the livelihood of entire communities is on the line.

Climate change not just an outdoor issue, it is the largest social justice issue of our lifetime.

Environmental advocacy is a value built into the outdoor ethos, and we must continue to push ourselves to do and demand more of ourselves and the industry at large. The threats we face are unprecedented–we can’t continue business as usual. The future viability of our entire industry and planet is on the line, will we show up to do something about it?

Developed in collaboration with Big Mountain Dreams Foundation

We believe that we have a responsibility to act on climate. That’s why we co-organized Climate Rally 2020, a march and rally at the Colorado State Capitol in Denver on January 31. Alongside organizer Caroline Gleich and a community of climate leaders, we fired up the outdoor industry during Outdoor Retailer, and asked ourselves to commit to stronger, more intersectional climate action.

But the action doesn’t stop once we put down our signs and end our chants. We must continually be moving forward as advocates for climate justice–which is why we created the Outdoor Advocacy Climate Action Toolkit 2020. This collection of educational resources, collective action and tools will get you started and keep you going as a climate activist. Here’s a peek at what you’ll find here–and we’ll continue adding resources throughout the year:

  • Resources like Climate Science 101 and How to Talk to Your Family about Climate Change.
  • An outdoor industry and community sign-on letter for brands, organizations and individuals.
  • Voter registration and resources.

Sign the outdoor industry + community climate action letter

(read the sign-on letter here.)

Get registered to vote or check your voter status

(click here)

Learn the basics of climate science

(from climate scientists)

Explore the climate change glossary

(every term from anthropogenic to sustainability)

See what science says we can do about climate change

(again, written by, you know, climate scientists)

Learn how climate change affects more than just the weather

(click here)

How to talk to climate skeptics – and understanding who they are

(click here)

Learn how to talk to your family about climate change

(during the holidays or any time of year)

ED-OP: How to stay resilient + hopeful during a time of climate crisis

(click here)

If you own or work for an outdoor brand, check out OIA’s Climate Action Corps

(check it out here)

Additional Resources:

If you made it this far, we’re stoked on your commitment to climate action–high five! We look forward to continuing to expand this toolkit and add even more resources from around our community. If you’ve got a climate-related resource or tool we ought to be amplifying, shoot us an e-mail at team@outdooradvocacy.com.

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