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Breaking News: BLM Cancel Auction of 85,000 Acres of Public Land around Moab to Oil and Gas Development

BREAKING NEWS: We just received word that the Bureau of Land Management has officially cancelled the planned auction of 85,000 acres of public lands around Moab.

Because of YOU.

Remember when we launched a campaign with Public Lands Solutions to gather public comments about the impending lease of public land for oil and gas development?

Remember when over 35,000 outdoorists added their names to the petition through our #ProtectMoab campaign?

Your advocacy worked.
Your voice matters.
We were heard.

We’re proud of you, and celebrating this big win for Moab public lands—but there are still nine parcels around Utah going for auction, a reminder that we still have much work to do. For now though, we happy dance (and then we get right back to scheming our next moves in the fight for good).

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