Advocacy Updates: Today is a New Beginning

Outdoorists, today is a new beginning.

The last OAP newsletter was intended to hit your inbox two weeks ago, on January 6th––and every day since then, we’ve opened up the draft, stared at it, attempted to focus, and ended up in a fury of doomscrolling instead. Today, as our country prepares to officially inaugurate our next President today, we’re committing to hitting send and moving towards good changes ahead. 

As the first weeks of 2021 have shown us, we are not out of the woods––we are still deep in it––but the transition of power today is a major fork in the trail, pointing us towards a brighter tomorrow. It’s going to take all of us, and everything we’ve got within, to get through this time and to move forward. We can do this, together.

Amidst the chaotic news cycles of the last few weeks (and months? and entire last year?), a lot has happened in the outdoor and environmental spaces––and as we step into a new era for outdoor advocacy, we want you to feel informed, empowered and ready to take action.

Outdoorsy news you oughta know right now––this week is a doozy, lace up your boots:

Phew, that’s a lot–and a wrap for this week. Stay safe out there, and take extra care of yourself + the community around you. Don’t let this moment pass without taking a pause to reflect on how hard you’ve worked the last four years, and how much more work we have ahead. We’re proud of you.

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