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Advocacy Updates: Outdoorists, It’s Been A Doozy

Hola, outdoor advocates.

It’s been one h*ck of a year –– and it’s hard to believe our one-year anniversary is coming up on December 10th. So much has happened (or, often, not happened) in the last 365 days. Remember when we organized a 500+ person climate rally in Denver? It feels like so long ago that we gathered in person to march and raise our voices together.

But that’s the thing about time: it flies. Through a pandemic, social injustices, civil uprising, and the most important election of our lifetime–time has flown. So while we take a collective sigh of relief that this calendar year is ending, we must ask: what’s coming next?

We’re using the rest of 2020 to gear up and develop strategic planning to support the work ahead – we’re looking forward to becoming more proactive, creative and joyous in this work. This work we do is hard, but it’s beautiful too. We hope you find time this holiday season to reflect on all the work you’ve done, take a deep breath, and get energized for what’s to come.

Next week, our bi-weekly newsletter officially re-launches. Until then, here are some outdoorsy things you ought to know:

That’s a wrap for this week. Get out there (safely and Recreate Responsibly), and tag us as you do good on your outdoorsy adventures: #outdooradvocacy!

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