Advocacy Updates: Oil + gas on public lands, Bears Ears, wildfires & more!

Salutations outdoorists, 

Remember last year, when we teamed up with Public Land Solutions to help stop oil and gas leasing near Moab, UT (and gathered over 36,000 signatures––and the lease sale got cancelled)? While that campaign was a victorious success, it wasn’t enough.

It’s time for oil and gas leasing reform on our public lands.

President Biden recently put a pause on all new oil and gas leasing on federal public lands, but that is a temporary halt giving the administration an opportunity to make major changes to the role fossil fuel exploration and extraction plays on our public lands.

Need scientific evidence on why we need oil and gas reform on public lands? This report recently released by Public Land Solutions details the ways inactive oil and gas wells are negatively impacting wildlife, recreation and rural communities. Here’s additional reading from Center for American Progress on why oil and gas + public lands = no bueno.

Outdoor Alliance has a letter-writing tool you can use to directly submit a comment to Interior’s comment portal––deadline is TOMORROW!

Note: Be sure personalize your message for the greatest impact––during Interior’s forum last month they specifically requested “quality over quantity” for these comments. Set a timer for 5 minutes and get personal with your comment! 

The comment period ends 4/15, but our work getting educated and activated on oil and gas reform is just getting started. More to come soon!

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