Advocacy Updates: Happy National Forest Week and Latino Conservation Week!

It’s been a bit quiet around here.

This season, the OAP team has been taking our efforts off our feeds, focused on investing our energy into the movements, relationships, and initiatives that matter most to us.

We’ve been getting the word out about preventing wildfires with the Recreate Responsibly Coalition, scheming on monumental campaigns with Public Lands Solutions, gearing up for Hike United in August, cranking on sustainability projects, and we’ve teamed up with climate scientists to drop a new education series on drought. 

Advocacy is about more than just social media graphics. A bit ironic from us, we know, but it’s the truth. We’ll still be making Instagrammable infographics about public lands policy for the foreseeable future, but the magic of graphics is just one tool in the box of tactics we can all use to make an impact on the issues we love. 

We’re proud of the community that’s shown up to learn, get empowered, and take action––and we’re stoked to take what we’ve built together and sharpen the rest of our advocacy toolbox to create a more impactful + effective movement. 

So what’s next as we continue to pursue an outdoor culture that scrolls less and does more? We learn and listen more, we give and support more, and we go IRL to invest in each other more. 

Here are a few places to start and other outdoorsy stuff you oughta know about:

  • It’s National Forest Week! (July 12-18) Our friends at National Forest Foundation have virtual events, a photo contest, and tools to help anyone organize a self-guided clean up day!

  • Next Monday, Latino Conservation Week kicks off. (July 17-25) No matter where you live, check out their events page for information about group hikes, nature education, advocacy trainings, community building opportunities and more.

  • Outdoor Alliance is hosting a panel about the Outdoor F.U.T.U.R.E. initiative (a national outdoor equity fund that builds on two programs developed in NM and CA) on July 20th. Register here!

  • Brown Girls Climb needs your support to help bring their vision of a more equitable, inclusive, reimaged marketplace to life. Give to their fundraiser here.

  • Hike United 2021 is just two weeks away! Learn more about the movement and get signed up to join or host a hike here

  • ICYMI: The Outdoors 4 All and Transit-to-Trails Acts got passed through the House via the INVEST Act last week. Here’s a great thread from Sierra Club about it. Stay tuned for upcoming outreach opportunities!

  • We are stoked about a new podcast, The Trail Ahead, hosted by Faith E. Briggs and Addie Thompson, that digs into “uncomfortable and essential conversations at the intersection of environment, race, history and culture.”

Phew, that’s it for this week. Stay tuned as we continue dropping our new drought series with climate scientists from Utah State University through the upcoming weeks!