Advocacy Updates: It’s Our ONE YEAR Outdoor Advocacy Anniversary!

Feliz cumpleaños, to us!

Can you believe it’s been one year–tomorrow–since we officially launched Outdoor Advocacy Project? We sparked this community 364 days ago, and jettisoned into a whirlwind of advocacy and creativity.

Remember the way we felt the day of Climate Rally 2020 in January? We joined hands to march through the streets of Denver, demanding that the outdoor industry be held accountable to the intersections of climate and social justice. I remember our booming collective voice, the power of all our bodies coming together, the energy of a community sharing a rallying cry.

Who knew that sense of advocacy togetherness would become such forbidden fruit? So much changed, so quickly for our budding organization and the world around us–but like the desert in drought, we adapted. We slowed down, transitioning into survival mode, and buckled up for a rough ride.

Even through the darkness of this last year, we’ve accomplished much you oughta be proud of, including: 

  • We built a community with over 12,000 outdoor advocates within 24 hours of launching––now we’re at 23K!
  • Co-organized the Climate Rally 2020, marching from Outdoor Retailer to the Denver Capitol with 500 activists.
  • Led social media strategy during the nationwide launch of the #RecreateResponsibly coalition, which has generated over 3.2 billion impressions.
  • Generated over 35,000 signatures to stop oil and gas leasing in Moab –– and it worked!
  • Strategized social for the 2020 #VoteTheOutdoors campaign with Outdoor Industry Association.
  • Committed our name to policy-related sign on letters that support the issues we identified as crucial the organization, including:
    • Letter to Senate and House NR Committees on JEDI Recreation Priorities (Our first official action as an organization!)
    • Coalition letter to reject the nomination of William Perry Pendley for Director of the Bureau of Land Management
    • Business Statement on Need to Protect the Arctic Refuge
    • Letter to Sec. Bernhardt to reinstate protections for LGBTQ employees
    • Sign on letter in support of the SOAR Act 
  • Hired our first staffer (we love you, Vivian)!

It’s been a hard, dark year–and we’re grateful for every ounce of energy you’ve lent to this outdoor advocacy movement while navigating your own life’s rollercoaster. Thank you for being part of this community. Here’s to another, bigger, better year ahead.

That’s a wrap for this week. Go write a letter to protect the Arctic today. Then get out there (safely and Recreate Responsibly), and tag us as you do good on your outdoorsy adventures: #outdooradvocacy!

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