Outdoor Advocacy Project was born from a commitment to provide the education and empowerment needed to harness the positive impacts we can have when we raise our collective voices for outdoor good. Outdoor Advocacy Project is an investment in our community, and a collaborative effort to bring together the resources and tools–many of which already exist–together on a single platform where outdoorists can access the answers to any question from stewardship ethics to legislative policy. 


Leading the outdoor community in becoming more ethical and sustainable humans through education and empowerment. 


Create the go-to resource for all things outdoor advocacy.

We are not the first to do this work. The resources needed to empower the outdoor community are largely already there–built by non-profits, policy wonks, scientists, conservation organizations, and community leaders. But there is an undeniable gap between these crucial resources and the hands of the outdoorists who need them most. The Outdoor Advocacy Project seeks to shrink that gap, collecting all the tools scattered around our industry and organizing them into accessible resources that prioritize scientific data, inclusive perspectives, and actionable learning.

The Outdoor Advocacy Project is a benefit corporation with a commitment to transparency and community leadership.