The Outdoor Advocacy Project is leading the outdoor community in becoming more ethical, sustainable, and empathetic humans through education and empowerment.

Our vision is to become the go-to resource for all things outdoor advocacy. If you’ve got a question, from sustainable gear to Leave No Trace ethics, we’ll have your answer.

The outdoor community is strong–and growing. We’re hikers, campers, bikers, hunters, climbers, OHVers, runners, skiers, anglers –– however we do it, we all share a deep love for being outside.

In 2018 the National Park Service reported a record breaking 318.2 million recreation visits to NPS sites. The Center for Western Priorities reported that public lands in 11 Western states see 290 million visits every year. With a surge in outdoor recreationists comes a surge in impact too. 

This uptick in outdoorists can be seen through two lenses: these changes can be viewed through a frustrated lens of less parking spots at the trailhead, or, we can embrace a different perspective–every new set of boots on the trail is a new voice to advocate for protecting the outdoors and strengthening our community. The difference between whether our impacts net out as positive or negative is education and empowerment.

Outdoor Advocacy Project was born from a commitment to provide the bipartisan education and empowerment needed to harness the positive impacts we can have when we raise our collective voices for outdoor good.